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Well, it’s been a year with a lot of changes, and I’ve taken more time than I’d like in picking up the threads and getting on. I’ve had a look at what Ellie writes and decided that she would be best to take the lead in the erotica department. For the not-so-erotic, but spicy to hot romances, I’ve taken a new pen-name. When I launch it, I’ll let you know here.

This is short because I’m going to work on a long-talked-about and not-yet-delivered-project. I’m into the 9th out of 12 fully outlined chapters so it shouldn’t be too long before I submit it somewhere. Like the others it’ll be novella length. I’m projecting between 30 and 35 thousand words. It’s at 20 thousand now.

If you like shapeshifters, magic, ancient Egypt, crime fighting detectives, murdering magicians, and the contemporary paranormal genre, then this book’s for you. I’ll try not to take too long with it.


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