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The last week has seen more writing and less messing around. I’m pleased to say I’ve added another 5,000 words and hope to do so again in each coming week until the story is finished.

Last week, we met Selene and the leader of the investigation team sent in by the local werewolf pack. This week, we meet another of the Candy Cane’s dancers. She is being observed by the werewolf captain and the club manager as she dances into danger, in spite of being in the safe confines of the club.


Jeannie could dance. As Mayani she took the art form to a whole new level. Each move spoke of mystery and sex, and hinted at lovemaking which could only be imagined. Jeannie’s long hair was held back from her face in clasps of gold and fake emerald, its ebony length trailing down to the top of her ass. The male patrons couldn’t resist touching it or trailing their fingers across Mayani’s gold-dusted skin.

Their want of her was etched on their faces. Their lust portrayed in the tautness of their bodies and the avid interest in their eyes. Envy of the men she chose was diminished only slightly by the hope Mayani would choose them another night, or that she could be cajoled into joining them for a short rendezvous after work, or in the club’s private rooms. She never did, and other dancers enjoyed the rewards provided by Jeannie’s provocation.

“She’s the next target.”


The next excerpt will be to celebrate reaching the 20,000-word mark. It should be ready around the end of the November. So far this story looks like it’s going to be another short one, but one chapter has already surprised me, and I’ve added another section to the outline as a result, so we’ll just have to see. At this point I’m on track for having it ready for submission before the end of the year.


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It’s been a slow couple of months, but The Candy Cane Dancer has reached 5,000 words. As this is a small milestone, I’ve decided to treat you to another excerpt.

In the last excerpt, Martinette, one of The Candy Cane’s dancers was dancing for the killer. In this excerpt, we have left her in the killer’s lair and returned to the club she dances for. Here we meet the heroine, who has learned of Martinette’s disappearance and arrived at the club to let the manager know before she starts her shift. When she gets there, it’s to find he’s attracted assistance from the local werewolf pack.

Selene squared her shoulders and headed towards the office. The club’s manager glanced in her direction and raised his eyebrows. His movement drew the attention of the wolf at his side and Selene found herself caught in the hunt captain’s gaze.

The weight of it was almost physical, like a touch that set her skin ablaze and kindled desire between her thighs. For an instant, Selene wondered what it would be like to capture that gaze in her bed. Would it devour her, or woo her? A small part of her mind, wondered how those eyes would widen if she wore nothing but a red hooded cape. Her body heated and she watched his nostrils flare.

The next excerpt will be to celebrate 10,000 words. Look for it around the end of the month.

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