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Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat reached 20,000 words before I went on hiatus, but in line with my new tradition I’ve put an excerpt for you below:

In the last excerpt, Kitty Cordello followed Sera through an archway in time and needed his rescue. In this excerpt, she gets to know him a little better:

Despite the sense of unreality that seemed to cloak her, Kitty knew what she liked, and Sera seemed to embody most of what appealed to her most.

She let her gaze drift down from his well-defined cheek bones, along the line of his jaw and then stopped when she got to his chest. Even in the pre-dawn light, she could see that his pectorals were well-defined, and enjoy the play of sunlight across the ridges and valleys of muscle. A small contented sigh escaped her as she soaked in the view of him.

The cold touch of the early morning breeze did much to dispel the strange sense that she might be dreaming, and she shivered, drawing the sheet around her as she watched him.

“Aren’t you cold?”

He glanced back at her, and this time the expression on his face held a definite sense of play.

“Why? Are you offering to warm me up?”

The next excerpt will be to celebrate 35,000 words. Don’t hold your breath; I’ve now got two stories running neck and neck.


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I know, a month and a half later than planned, but finally done. Now I just have to get the rest of it written. In the last excerpt you met Mayani, another of the Candy Cane’s dancers. In this one, Selene takes a good long look at one of the werewolves visiting the club:

The sight of him, made Selene’s body respond. This was one creature who could fuck her senseless and she wouldn’t care if he couldn’t dance a step. She was already imagining those big hands gliding over body, covering her breasts and squeezing as he breathed kisses on the back of her neck. She stifled a sigh and tried to focus on the task at hand.

Her mind rebelled and suggested what she might do if she had something else in her hand. That was one man she ached to lap dance for, the intensity of her body’s response catching her by surprise. After all, it wasn’t as if she was still in her first century. She was too old for the casual flings of old. No, this time if she gave herself to anyone, she wanted it to be more than just her body. This time she wanted to be able to give her heart, perhaps even a small part of her soul.

Next excerpt will be posted at 30,000 words, In the meantime, I’ll post an excerpt from Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat to celebrate when that tale reached the 20,000 word mark.

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