Well, Chapter 1 is done – and it’s a hot one! Now moving onto Chapter 2 where things are a little cooler, but we meet the heroine and her hero. I know it’s more traditional to meet them in Chapter 1, but that’s where we meet another very important pair of characters and that scene just had to go first. It sets things up for the rest of this novella. I hope you like a little bit of criminal suspense with your romance, because The Candy Cane Dancer wouldn’t exist without it.

The Candy Cane dancer is on the move. Slowly but surely progress is being made.


Personal Update

After a long break from writing, the good news is that I’m finally able to get back on the writing horse and start to make up some lost ground.

As an explanation for why I got off the horse in the first place, here’s a quick snapshot of the last three years:

  • In 2009, I had a difficult and unexpected pregnancy, resulting in the early arrival of my youngest. (I really was ‘too old for this’ :-));
  • Also in 2009 and for the first half of 2010
    • I lost my ability to work as a temp due to lack of childcare facilities with the required flexibility;
    • I saw a career path vanish from in front of me – some careers are just not baby friendly… oh well;
    • I lost writing time due to being often sick, and to having a baby that just didn’t sleep.
  • Mid-2010: I found a new career path and moved interstate, with all the kerfuffle that goes with that;
  • End-2010: My husband found work and I found daycare.
  • 1st half 2011: Spent settling in to the new job, new location, and new routines. A large chunk of time is lost getting over the flu as childcare assists us in building our resistance to childhood illnesses.
  • NOW: Little one is bigger and needs me less. I can write again. New routines are established, writing slowly comes back on-line.

So now, I have a lot of ground to make up, but find myself once more with the time and ability to get back and finish those stories that have been clamoring in my cupboard. I’ll get back to it now, before there’s a riot. With the blog rebuilt, posts will slow down to every couple of days, but I’m looking forward to spending a bit more time here.

Current writing plans:

  • Complete and submit the following by the end of the year, although not necessarily in this order:
    • The Candy Cane Dancer: an erotic contemporary paranormal tale of romantic suspense involving shapeshifters, fairies and magic;
    • Welcome to the Fruit Platter: an erotic contemporary paranormal tale of romantic suspense, involving shapeshifters, sorcerers, ménage and magic;
    • Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat: an erotic contemporary paranormal tale of romantic suspense, involving shapeshifters, sorcerers, ancient Egyptians, modern detectives
  • Work on the Madeleine Torr contemporary romances.

I think you’ll all agree that this should be more than enough to keep me busy, at least until I can work back up to normal speed.

Well, finally getting my writing act together. It’s nice not being sick. I have put down a thousand words on Candy Cane Dancer. This story starts with a hot scene involving Martinette, dancing for her life. Here’s a peek at the first paragraph:

Martinette licked her lips to ease the dry fear away. Glancing up, she noted the sparkling arc of stone glistening in the flickering candlelight. Pushing the fear further away, she kept dancing. The sweet music of Hubert’s flute brushed across her skin and woke desire between her thighs. Her apprehension faded, his fingers danced another lively passage from the flute. She wanted those talented fingers dancing somewhere else, just as they had when she’d seduced him in the guest suite behind the Candy Cane’s dance stage.

Would you like to read more?


I have added a page for listing submitted works. This page gives a quick overview of what I’ve submitted and where I’ve submitted it to. There’s nothing on it now, but if you want to see for yourself you can FIND IT HERE.

I have added a page listing all the excerpts from my current and past publications. This page gives a quick overview of the excerpts available on this website. Feel free to TAKE A PEEK.

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