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Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat reached 10,000 words before I went on hiatus, but in line with my new tradition I’ve put an excerpt for you below:

In the last excerpt, Kitty pondered her ex-boyfriend, Charles. In this one, she has followed Egyptian detective, Sera, through an archway into time and almost lost herself in the mists that cover the realm beyond. Sera has come to her rescue… if only he can make her be quiet.

Sera’s hand covered her mouth, muffling her squawk of protest. The arm encircling her, tightened, and his voice boomed out in the mist.

Try as she might, Kitty didn’t understand a word. The language might, she decided, be Egyptian. But it felt older and she could taste the magic rising around them. Color flared, and Sera roared in answer. Kitty glimpsed flower-scattered fields beneath an expanse of cerulean sky, not a single one a rose. She closed her eyes, burying her face in Sera’s broad chest, letting the spicy scent of his skin comfort her as the world exploded into chaos around them.


The next excerpt will be to celebrate 20,000 words. Look for it around the end of the month.

Progress Report on The Candy Cane Dancer: The Candy Cane Dancer currently stands at 18,000 words; I didn’t quite make the 20,000 word mark last month. I’m working on it, but I’ve hit a sticky patch. Give me a fortnight to convince the story it wants to play.


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Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat reached 5,000 words over two years ago. Here’s an excerpt to celebrate that time:

In the last excerpt, one of the novel’s heroes was in a bad place. In this excerpt, the heroine is thinking about the ex- she works with.

The last time she’d worn stockings, a garter belt and heels this high, had been on her first and only date with Charlie. Just the thought of him made her sigh.

One of the few men taller than she was, and not at all intimidated by her height, Charlie had a body she’d wanted to explore from the moment she’d set eyes on it. His beautiful blue-black skin had covered a physique that was sleek and graceful, but carrying enough muscle to avoid looking weedy, and his eyes… ebony pools that shifted from the darkest of chocolates to almost perfect gleams of oil with just a hint of amber or green sliding through. She could drown in eyes like that—and almost had. He was the most perfect man she’d ever met. Chris still scolded her for breaking things off with him.

The next excerpt will be to celebrate the time Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat reached 10,000 words. Look for it around the end of the month.

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I have added a page listing all the excerpts from my current and past publications. This page gives a quick overview of the excerpts available on this website. Feel free to TAKE A PEEK.

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I have added an excerpt for one of my CURRENTLY AVAILABLE works, Hunter’s Prey. Please READ the EXCERPT and enjoy.

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I have added a page all about Denegrath’s Treaty. This means those links in other pages should now work. Denegrath’s Treaty is an erotic dark fantasy set in the Dark Side of Tzamesch.

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I have added a page giving some additional description of the Dark Side of Tzamesch, listing the stories set there. Much of the world detail is the same, and these pages will be expanded as books are written and completed TAKE A LOOK.

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I have added a page listing my past publications. This page gives a quick overview of the novellas that have been published, where they came from, and where I’m thinking of taking them. They are: A Candlelight Ghost, A Gargoyle for the Hotel Gothica, and Hunters of the Nile.

In the meantime, please feel free to check out my currently available novellas: Double Double Dare Me from the Siren Menage Amour line at Siren Bookstrand, and Hunter’s Prey from the Daydreams line at Dreamspinner Press.

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